“I just used Zack Kowalske with Delta 5 Forensic Laboratories on a 30 year old DNA murder case. I would highly recommend his services for criminal investigation analysis. He was able to look at the police reports, photos and crime lab reports and provide me with over 100 questions to ask at trial.”


-Jill Stahlman, Stahlman Law, P.C.


“I just crossed Zack Kowalske in a murder trial, involving a stabbing.  The State hired him for crime scene reconstruction.  He explained blood-spatter well, but would not opine as to the injuries, leaving that to the Medical Examiner.  He struck me as straight shooter, with carefully self-delimited boundaries concerning his expertise.  I would consider hiring him in the future.”

-Scott DePlonty, DeKalb Public Defender’s Office


“We had him as a guest speaker for the Gwinnett County Criminal Defense Bar.  Everybody was very impressed with him.  They said he was knowledgeable and seemed like he would make a good witness.”

-Sean Goldstein, Gwinnett County Bar Criminal Defense Section 


“I've known Zack for several years now and I am amazed at the knowledge and skills he has obtained thus far. He is a detail oriented, self-motivated individual with a great personality and a dedication to getting the task at hand completed timely as well as effectively.”

-Paul Roberts, Law Enforcement Veteran and Instructor


“Zack is an outstanding investigator with great skill in a wide variety of disciplines. He is committed to maintaining the integrity of evidence from scene collection through processing and analysis. His adherence to the scientific process is impressive and I would not hesitate to use him again in the field.”


-Dr. Alice Gooding, Forensic Anthropologist