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Zack Kowalske currently serves as a law enforcement Detective and forensic practitioner in the metro Atlanta area. Having served in law enforcement since 2009, the majority of his career has been spent as a Detective in the Crime Scene Investigations Unit. Mr. Kowalske holds a Masters of Science with a Concentration in Forensic Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Investigative Forensics with a Minor in Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure.  He is a PhD Researcher for Staffordshire University completing his Doctoral dissertation research in Forensic Science focusing in the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis.  


He is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy, where he was awarded the Dr. William Bass Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Forensic Investigations. He was first certified as a Crime Scene Investigator, by the International Association for Identification, in 2007, he is also an IAI board certified Crime Scene Reconstructionist.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Shooting Incident Reconstruction are his areas of specialty.  He has been court qualified as an expert witness in Crime Scene Investigations, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Crime Scene Analysis, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. Mr. Kowalske is an active member of the International Association for Identification, Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction (Board of Directors), International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, American Academy of Forensic Science, and serves as a CSI Advisory Committee Member for the Serendipity Wildlife Foundation.  He has published both Journal and Magazine articles on Reconstruction and Bloodstain topics.


Mr. Kowalske has served as a member on the North Metro Crime Scene Task Force, FBI Forensic Specialist Working Group Atlanta Office,  his agency's Child Abduction Response Team Development Committee, and is an international adjunct facility member.  Mr. Kowalske is an instructor who teaches on crime scene and forensic science related matters, while also conducting case reviews, bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting incident reconstruction, investigation advising, crime scene analysis, and expert testimony for Delta-5 Labs.